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  1. Glad to see this website active. I just inherited my FIL’s MacArthur Honor Guard certificate of his service and found his name here, George W Green, who served in the Honor guard Jan-October 1948. He passed away December 14, 2016

  2. Welcome to the updated web site! The layout and format are similar, however we’ve added a few things (such as drop-down lists for some of the sections, etc.) There are forums that we’re hoping people will use to discuss General MacArthur, especially those individuals who served with him, or their families. Please let us know if you have suggestions for improvements.

    My wife Beth and I are the new website administrators. Beth’s father Aaron Ranner was in MacArthur’s Honor Guard in Japan. I’ll be responsible for modifying the overall web site tools and features, and she will do most of the picture uploads, updates to the lists, and research.

    We hope you enjoy it!

  3. My father Solomon J. Bayoneta was an honor guard in Tokyo, Japan with General Douglas MacArthur… he was awarded the Silver Star for saving the General’s life on the island of Corregidor Philippines during the Japanese bombing in WWII… He served the General from 1938 till the early 50s and joined the USAF for 15-years and retired in 1973 “Death March Survivor” 35 years in the military service.

  4. It is with a great sense of loss to report that my daddy, John J. McCoy (#1128 on your list), passed away on January 14, 2015. He served with the GMHGS from October 1946 untl June 1947 and was extremely proud to have been a member of your illustrious and distinguished group.

  5. My Father Robert J Probst served only a short time in Japan, but it provides me much prides that he was chosen to serve one of the greatest Generals of all time. Thank You Dad for your service to this great country!!!

  6. My father, Forrest L Stringham (#1708 on your list) passed away yesterday, 22may2014. In googling General McArthurs Honor Guard, I came across your site. This is a wonderful thing you have done! Thank you for your service to those who have served!

  7. My dad served in Korea from 1951-1953 he was promoted to corporal. I’ve learned through others children of veterans their family received a document about their deceased loved ones service. If you could send me info about how to get this document for my dad Cpl. George Glenn Anderson. November 27,1931-November 24,2002.

  8. I heard so little growing up about my father’s 20 years Army career it wasn’t til I was in my teens after his 15 years in the US Air force… that I talked with my father about his experience in WWII. Dad I’m so proud of you.

  9. My husband told me a lot of things about the guard and the things he had to do, one story I liked he was always writing letters home to send Kiwi Boot polish he had to have it nothing else and to this day I still have the letters [my niece has them]

  10. My father in law Gerald Jett said he was a body guard for General MacArthur i can not seem to find anything does anyone remember hearing any stories about him there maybe some who may have served with him. any suggestions where else i may find some information thank you

  11. My Dad was General Macarthur’s body guard when he landed on the island when he put the flag up and said, “I shall return.” Dad came home with a purple heart after a cave collapsed on him. He and others were getting hidden Japanese boats out.

  12. I found your site while doing research. I hold a Master’s degree in Military History and have been writing a book on the Blauvelt family’s 300 years of military service, when I found a Charles Blauvelt’s name listed on your rolls. I have the names of four (4) Charles Blauvelt’s who served in the Army during this time period. Does anyone here have any additional information about the Charles Blauvelt listed on your site? To date I have found 1,125 Blauvelt’s who have served in the military since 1630. Thanks for any assistance you can provide. V/R Edward Blauvelt, SMSgt, USAF (ret)

  13. I’m so very sad to hear the Honor Guard Association is disbanding. I had just found y’all a year ago and convinced my father (Aaron Joseph Ranner [Guard member from Jul 1948 – Mar 1950] to become involved in it. He had begun talking of attending a future reunion. Thank you so much for all of the work you’ve done and the time you’ve invested to honor these brave men. Since it’s disbanding, I’m going to include my email in case someone who served with my father would like to contact him.

  14. My father, Sgt. Thomas L. Clark, was not a member of the honor guard. He was with the 799th Military Police and said he was a member of one of three MP Battalions formed in 1942. The 800th and 801 went to the islands and the 799th was attached to Gen. MacArthurs HQ. He later was moved to Townsville and finally to Manila. My Dad passed away in 2009 and didn’t talk much about old times. I wish I had learned more. Does anyone know anything about the 799th and how they were attached to Gen. MacArthur’s HQ. My Dad said when they first arrived in Australia they stayed in tents at a former racetrack. Thanks, Looking back it’s a shame America didn’t listen to Gen. MacArthur in many areas.

  15. I was stationed in toyko Japan fro 1951 thu 1954. I was selected for Japan instead of korea because my name began with w. in japan I was stationed in the finance building, grant housing and two hotels where my job was in charge of the hotel kitchen. We had 13 hotels that we were responsible for. It was great duty we had are own in the hotel. We did not have traing ecause we worked 7 days a wee. Japanese are great cooks I learn how to decorate foods. Now in the finance it was a different life. Our first seargent was airborne and the company commander just graduated from west poit. We had white glove inspections. We had a foot loc and a 1 small awl locker. You could not wear civilian clothes. Class uniforms had to be worn outside the post. I am not against airborne. I was stationed at the rigg scool at fort lee Virginia for 5 years. I believe that the duty in the finance was took much stress. For instance ther are two shoe laces issued for your boot. I was missing one pair they gave mr 30 restriction. Also I missed dental appointment they busted me down two stripes. I retired as a MSG and if I didn’t lose thse stripes I probably made sgm. Even though problems occurred Japan was the assignment during my 30 years service. By the way besides honor guard they Al’s had a guard company.

  16. This Honor Guard Picture of my father Solomon J. Bayoneta Pictured #96 front row was the first time to see it in 2011 Thank you from me and my family.

  17. My uncle was Edward J Hess. He was part of the honor guard from 9/49-1/51. He was killed in Korea when the jeep he was driving hit a mine. This is a great website to keep his memory alive. I would love to hear from anyone that may have known him as I never did. Thanx…

  18. My Dad Doyle King Burge said he was in Douglas McArthur’s Honor Guard. He said he had Tea with Hirohito. He said he used to Guard General McArthur’s children while they were swimming in the pool. I would love to hear any stories you might have about him! Thanks so much and best to you and yours. Linda

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