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  1. My grandfather George Thomas McSwain Jr. served as an Honor Guard. This is a wonderful site for my children to see and to be very proud of their great grandfather.

  2. My Uncle Frank R. Fishel # 539 on the list, passed away on Dec. 3rd. He was an Honor Guard from Oct 1948 to April 1950. He was a favorite of all his many niece’s and nephew’s. We we’re very proud of him. He will be missed and always honored by his family and friend’s. Thank You Uncle Frank for your service and all the fun time’s you gave us kid’s>

  3. My dad,Schander G Hassan,served from 1941-1952(active).He was in the Honor Guard in 1948. Til the day he died in 1981, GEN MacArthur was to him the epitome of a soldier.Sorry to hear of last reunion,hope enough people like me will keep memories of your generation alive.

  4. TO: Gail Cox, Nancy Todd Hinkle, Gary N. Fay, Bill Abshire, John D. Bybee, Leonard J. Stang, Jr, Julie Farmer King Please send your email address so that we can respond properly to your Guestbook entry. Thanks a lot! Maurice Howe,

  5. Jay F. Razor, our father (and father-in-law) served in the Honor Guard. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2008 at a convalescent hospital in the San Francisco Bay area. Before dying, he stated that he wished to be remembered for always trying to do his best in all situations. We miss his terrific sense of humor and stories, especially those of his military career. Today, we received a phone call from Carl Hickerson. It was good to hear that you had a nice 2011 reunion. We will always respect and honor your service to our country. Thank you.

  6. My father, Everett Smith, was a T-5 in the 11th Airborne, Headquarter Company, 1943-46. I have the hotel brochures and pictures of Sanno Hotel, etc. Postcards of the places he had seen.

  7. My father is Joseph R Norman (*****) (1260) Sep 1946 – Mar 1947. He passed away April 19th 1994 and there was a reunion in or near Rochester NY sometime after his death in the 1990’s. I did not find out about the reunion until after it happened but would have loved to meet everone. Dad also served with the Marines during Korea as a rifle instructor at Paris Island. He had a lot of great stories about both the Army and Marines and it was great to have Honor Guard from both branches at his funeral. I will post my email on the admin site and would love to hear from anyone who knew him. Glad I found this site.

  8. My father Larry M Hamblin (675) served as an honor guard starting in 1945. We are very proud of him and his service! Your site shows he died in 1987 and the fact is that he passed in 2004. Thankyou for the wonderful site. I wish Dad could go to the SanDiego gathering as he lived in La Mesa for many years.

  9. My father Army 1st Sgt. Charles Todd was in the Honor Guard in Tokyo with General Mike Clark and General Matthew Ridegeway 1951-1953. I have data and photos and it would be an honor to see my dad’s name on the Honor Guard list. How do we go about getting his name added? Sincerely, just a proud daughter

  10. I want to thank everyone that has signed our guestbook. Don’t forget that this will be the last reunion of the Honor Guard. If you served in the Honor Guard, if you are a family member, or even if you are just interested in attending, please let us know. You will find the information for the reunion on the home page.

  11. My SSgt. Dad Dennis E Fay 11 th Airborne Leyte /Manila Gen Staff in Japan 1945 Anyone who knew DAD would Like to hear from you ! He passed In 1971 from a stroke, But I have a letter from the general personally to my dad!

  12. My grandfather was in the Honor Guard. Army National Guard 11-25-1940 Alabama 31st Dixie Division, Quartermasters Corp. Transportation to 12-1945. Served in Phillipines and told many stories about driving Gen. McArthur there. Please contact me if you have any information and please add him to your list.

  13. I’m glad I found this site. It has my grandfather’s name listed. I didn’t know he was an honor guard for General MacAuthur until a week before his death. It gave me some information I enjoyed knowing.

  14. My dad served approx 18 months with the general. I have literally notebook photo albums that he kept and now I have. He is still living and in his mid 80’s. We still often talk about his service time. I would be happy to share copies of photos for the web ite. Just let me know. The site is great.!!

  15. Thank you for the photo Jan or Feb 1947 by Donald Burt. My father is second from the right. I was about 16 when he left this world prematurely in 1967 and there are few photos of the man. Being a kid at the time he was with us, I never really got to know him. Its good to see others who did know these fellows holding such high regard for them.

  16. Looking for data on which floor(s) G2/OSS/Intel offices were located in Dai-Ichi Building. Also any references to a Mr. Papps (?) of the OSS and a Leon Thompson, enlisted medic with 237th Medical Dispensary Unit in Dai-Ichi Building. Super website, nice job with content and presentation. John D. Bybee

  17. I checked sources & costs for custom flags (such as our Honor Guard flag). There’s quite a range of quality, prices, options, etc. I can provide artwork if anyone wants to have one made. Yes, they are cheaper in bulk but we’d have to agree on a common criteria.

  18. Hey, spliting the “full list” of Honor Guards into 7 sections is a great idea. Now, each section displays much more quickly, and updating the data will be much easier now. Thanks for great work, Karen & Mark!

  19. My father Leonard J Stang Sr passed away in June 2006. He was a very proud member of the Honor Guard and spoke about it often. I was very pleased to find this site this morning and am excited to become a member. Mark, thank you for doing such a great job with this web site. The one thing I have been thinking about for sometime now is a flag with th eHonor Guard logo on it for members and family members to fly. I was attempting to find one prior to my fathers death to suprise him with it but was unsuccessful. Found one flag making company near Chicago but they were afraid of copyright issues. Has anyone ever seen or heard of a HG flag?

  20. My dad, Lewis H. Farmer, served in the Honor Guard from November 1946 to August 1947. I’m here doing some research on his behalf. He is 83, still living and currently fighting non Hodgkins lymphoma.

  21. I was stationed at the Finance Bldg Apr-Oct ’47. Would love to hear from anyone who was there at the time. Unfortunately I only rember 2 fellows from my squad.

  22. This is a long time coming, and I’m sure it will be a real asset as time goes on. I was one of the proud men who served at the Dai Ichi Bldg in 1951/52. One of the better experiences in 13 years of military service.Here it is 59 year gone by and I am still wearing my reunion caps on a dailey basis.

  23. My stepfather was in the guard in 1948 and 1949.He does not have a computer but would love to hear from fellow members by snail mail. Leon L Rogers PO Box 607 Elgin, OK 73538-0607

  24. If anyone has photos that you feel would be appropriate for this site, please send them to me and I will get them posted. It would be great to have some of the men while on active duty!

  25. Thanks, Mark for creating this important piece of history. My father, Capt. James Andrews, was the last Honor Guard commander to serve under the General and is mentioned in the “Only the Finest” section of this site. I have been searching for ways to honor his 30 years of military service and, more importantly, honor him as my father. I may have just found place to do both. Are you accepting photos and oral histories of that period? Thanks again – Mike

  26. I received an email from Maurice Howe about this site as this MAN as greatly helped ME. I very much SURPRISED to find MY letters I had written to HIM and was taken back thinking about DAD I can’t thank this HONORABLE MAN in the way HE should be. BUT ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU. MICHAEL

  27. This is a great Web Page. My Grandfather was James Rex Jameson. I am excited to see that someone is remembering the loved ones that fought for our freedom. My grandfather was very proud of his service in the Honor Guard. He never talked much to me about his service, but this helps me learn more about this elite group. Thanks

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