How to Send Photos


There are 3 ways you can send us pictures:

  1. You may email them directly to If you choose this option, try not to have more than 5 photos per email.
  1. You can mail a CD/DVD (unlimited photos) to:

Beth Ranner McLenaghan
5507 NE Woodbine Road
St. Joseph, Missouri, 64505

  1. You can use Picasa.  Sending Photos is simple… using Google’s feature-rich Picasa.

Simply go to Google’s website and download Picasa to your Mac or PC and follow the instructions.

  • Once Picasa is installed, it searches for all photos on your computer.  It will display them so they can be renamed*, cropped, enhanced, resized, printed, etc.  *(please name your pictures here for our website)
  • Export & resize your photos to (1200×900).  If you are having trouble, or need more assistance,  click here.
  • You may send as many collections as you wish, but keep in mind that they should not exceed 5-7mb.
  • Once your collection is built, you can email it to